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Stand up for


Much more than just standing mats. AFS-TEX Active Anti-Fatigue Mats are ergonomically designed to encourage micro-movements for superior fatigue relief.

AFS-TEX System 4000X Anti Fatigue Mat

Our design experts work hard to create the best ergonomic solutions to the discomfort of prolonged standing.

The unique range of AFS-TEX Active Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to encourage stand up work and support standing desk users.

Ergonomically designed to help combat the health risks associated with too much sitting, while ensuring comfort during longer standing times. 

Our expert design team has built active mats that help the user make frequent, small movements.


Encouraged by each mat's unique shape, features and embellishments - these micro-movements are spontaneous and subconscious - and are what makes AFS-TEX mats so remarkable. 

AFS-TEX mats help you 

stand comfortably

for longer

AFS-TEX System 2000 Anti Fatigue Mat
AFS-TEX System 2000X Anti Fatigue Mat
AFS-TEX System 3000 Anti Fatigue Mat
AFS-TEX System 3000X Anti Fatigue Mat
AFS-TEX System 4000X Anti Fatigue Mat
AFS-TEX System 5000 Anti Fatigue Mat
AFS-TEX System 5000 S2S Anti Fatigue Mat for Carpet
AFS-TEX System 5000 S2S Anti Fatigue Mat For Hard Floor
AFS-TEX Active Platform New Anti Fatgue Mat With Balls
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6000x 2.jpg
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Balance Ball MAIN White Background W sma
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A standing desk will help you stand more. 
AFS-TEX mats help you stand better

our designs

The distinct shapes and contours of the AFS-TEX range are designed to encourage regular movement so users 'take the weight off their feet'.


Recesses and 'ergo bars' help users stretch their leg muscles, and raised pods, curved hollows and grooves help massage the soles. 

When considering how they might make standing better for standing desk users, the team explored and found the ideal material to use for active anti-fatigue mats, one which is supportive, tactile and comfortable, while allowing a controlled range of movement.

Further development included a unique anti-microbial ingredient, added in to protect every AFS-TEX product from microbial deterioration. This lasts for the product lifetime and makes AFS-TEX mats the best choice of anti-fatigue mat for working without shoes. 

All AFS-TEX products have an inbuilt anti-microbial ingredient which will not wash off or wear away.



If you have any questions about AFS-TEX mats or would like more information on how AFS-TEX can improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for AFS-TEX products, please visit the Stockists section, or email our Sales Support Team at 

The unique shapes make AFS-TEX active anti-fatigue mats characteristic

- but it's the comfort that our users remember! 


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