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AFS-TEX Active Balance Ball provides ergonomic seating to promote good posture and enhance core body strength and well-being.


Significantly reduces the negative effects of excess sitting.  The product’s natural instability automatically aligns the user into the optimum posture to build core body strength and contribute to toned and lean muscles while sitting.


The comfortable ergonomic design promotes active balance that results in good sitting posture and spine alignment.  Stimulates repetitive movement for increased metabolism and blood flow for reduced fatigue.


Improves concentration and the ability to manage stress through constant body adjustments and micro-movements.  Also ideal for use in balance focused exercises to stimulate and strengthen multiple muscle groups as part of your working day.


Key Features


  • Anti-Microbial cotton cover for added protection and comfort.
  • Machine washable cover up to 104⁰F.
  • Leather effect handle for easy movement and positioning.
  • 300kg/660lb weight capacity
  • Delivered uninflated. Complete use and care instructions, 15cm/6" pump and adapter. 
  • Midnight Black.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Available in two sizes

65cm/25" diameter inflated size ideal to enable the correct seated posture for users up to165cm/ 5' 6" tall.

75cm/30” diameter inflated size ideal to enable the correct seated posture for users over 165cm/5' 6" tall.

Active Balance Ball

  • Product Spec

    Small Size: 65cm/25" diameter

    Large Size: 75cm/35" diameter

    Material: Vinyl Ball with Anti-Microbial Cotton Cover

    Colour: Midnight Black

    Special Features: Anti-Microbial Cotton Cover

  • Reseller Information


    If you are interested in stocking AFS-TEX products, please contact our sales team directly at


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