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AFS-TEX 2000X Range Grey and Black Options

Features raised pods and curves to massage feet and encourage micro-movement. With a cut out recess for foot and calf stretching.

Available in regular and compact sizes and in black or grey colourways. 

AFS-TEX 2000X Compact
2000X Grey Small 1.jpg
  • Raised massage pods and curves on the mat surface to encourage regular movement.

  • Available in compact and large sizes.

  • Choice of black or grey colourways.  

  • Deep construction which offers cushioning and support. 

  • Reduces the strain on feet, legs and joints which can be caused by prolonged standing.

  • Anti-microbial ingredient built into the mat to protect it from microbial deterioration.

  • Non-toxic and phthalate free, safe to use around children and pets. 
  • Recommended for use with stand-up desks, standing workstations or around the home.

  • Comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

  • Recyclable.


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