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Global studies show that sitting for long periods of time can have a profound impact on the body's metabolic system and has been hailed as 'the new smoking' by medical professionals.  . 

Prolonged sitting has been identified as a key risk factor in health issues including heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Studies have shown that short bursts of regular exercise do little to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting.  The only way to counteract and reduce the effects of excessive sitting is to stop!

We know how easy it is to sit all day - at work, at leisure and while travelling - and it's the potential impact to our health which has seen a rise in the use of standing desks in offices.   

While the effects of excess sitting are well documented, prolonged standing also has its own risk factors, not least the common aches and pains associated with being on your feet all day.  

Regular movement reduces fatigue, and the aches and pains you may associate with standing for long periods. 

Reviewing the research into very real medical problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle inspired the Design team here at AFS-TEX to develop the very best anti-fatigue solutions for standing desk users.  We found that many of our designs could be used in other situations and so we have developed a range that provide solutions to anti-fatigue mats for classrooms, anti-fatigue mats for retail, for kitchens, both domestic and industrial, and also anti fatigue mats for workshops.

AFS-TEX Active Anti-Fatigue Mats are ergonomically designed and built with all of this research taken into account. Each mat in the AFS-TEX range has special anti-fatigue features which increase comfort and encourage micro-movements for additional fatigue relief. We insist on premium materials so the mat feels supportive, tactile and comfortable for the duration of use. AFS-TEX Systems are the very best solution for providing anti-fatigue comfort during standing work. 

Much more than just standing mats. AFS-TEX Active Anti Fatigue Mats are ergonomically designed to encourage micro-movements

AFS-TEX mats are designed to improve your comfort levels when standing, and during development, we found that small and often subconscious adjustment of the standing position relieves fatigue. So we encourage these 'micro-movements' with the shape and composition of AFS-TEX mats.


Micro-movements are a part of an activity level named Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).  Simply put, NEAT movements are small, regular movements not classed as exercise, but which will use energy and burn calories.  NEAT movements cover a very wide range of activities such as gardening or cleaning, but also include standing and fidgeting.  These movements, built up over time can increase calorie burn and so have a really positive impact on health and weight loss. AFS-TEX active anti fatigue mats will encourage users to stand for longer and to move a little more while standing. 

Micro-movements increase metabolism and improve blood circulation for superior fatigue relief

We recommend AFS-TEX Active Anti-Fatigue Mats for offices with sit-stand adjustable desks, and standing desks.  They are also a great choice for reducing fatigue at standing workstations, in workshops, factories and retail or industrial areas.  In addition these unique designs looks attractive and are the best anti-fatigue mat to use in the home, perfect for domestic kitchens and home offices. 

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