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The perfect combination of anti-fatigue mat and chair mat, S2S is the ultimate solution for sit-to-stand desking comfort.

Ergonomically designed to reduce leg fatigue during standing work and allow easy-glide movement when seated.

AFS-TEX 5000 S2S for Carpet
System 5000 S2S - Sit to Stand Working - Adjustable Height Desk Mat and Chair Mat - Carpet option
AFS-TEX 5000 S2S for Hard Floor

Available in both carpet floor and hard floor options, choose the S2S system that suits your floor type.

For standing work:

  • The System 5000 is our  top of the range anti-fatigue mat.

  • Designed specifically for anti-fatigue use at standing desks.

  • Anti-microbial surface on the standing mat protects it from microbial deterioration.

  • Ergonomic features are designed reduce fatigue on the feet, legs and back.

  • The 'ergo bar' feature can be used to massage feet, stretch legs and to move the mat.

For seated work, 

  • The Ultimat is our top of the range chair mat.

  • Carpet and hard floor chair mat options available:

    • Carpet floor option has small 'grippers' on the underside, to ensure the chair mat will not move around on your carpet under normal use.  ​

    • Hard floor option has a smooth anti-slip back which won't mark your floor and protects it from damage.

    • This option is perfect for tiled, laminate, wooden and varnished or polished floors.

  • Made from polycarbonate - a tough material which won't dent, crack, curl or buckle.

  • Easy-glide chair mat surface helps reduce leg and back fatigue during seated work.


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