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If you retail or stock office products and would like to add AFS-TEX mats to your range, please contact our sales team at

Download the consumer and trade brochures below, to print or share with your team and clients. 

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AFS-TEX is a Floortex brand.

With over 15 years experience in the production, distribution and marketing of floor protection products, Floortex offers a comprehensive and unrivalled range of surface protection products for floors, desks and work surfaces, for both the office and the home.

From our facilities in the UK, Germany and USA, we export and distribute to over 40 other countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Russia, New Zealand and throughout the Middle East.

With manufacturing, logistical and distribution channels well-established globally, we have a commitment to excellent customer service, IT support and sound financial foundations to ensure a flawless product supply. 

As a family company, we really believe that steps towards improving the physical wellbeing of individual employees and whole workforces is important for any business's future. 

AFS-TEX Anti-fatigue systems seek to address this and our range offers a unique solution which came about after a lot of research into the health implications of desk work, prolonged sitting and how standing desk work is set to change the face of offices around the world. 

Our new AFS-TEX range is a state of the art, specially researched and designed group of anti-fatigue products, based on scientific research and evidence pointing to the dangers of seated desk work. 

AFS-TEX mats are a positive step towards dramatically improving the wellbeing of your employees- for any company - particularly those with an office-based workforce.

If you retail or stock office products and want to add AFS-TEX mats to your range,
please contact our sales team at

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