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Deluxe anti-fatigue mat for optimum support and tactile comfort.  Debossed features provide foot massage and promote movement for extra fatigue relief.

With anti-slip base and contoured edging for stability and safety.

Close Up of AFS-TEX 3000X Cove and Massage Features
  • Advanced standing surface with foot massage features.

  • Debossed surface to encourage frequent foot and leg movement to reduce fatigue.

  • Cushioned and supportive to increase comfort when standing for long periods.

  • Polyurethane construction guaranteed not to lose support over time.

  • Provides fatigue-relief to legs, feet and back compared to standing on hard floor.

  • Soft polyester cover means this mat is very comfortable to use barefoot.

  • Larger surface area recommended for busy areas where movement is necessary.

  • Perfect size for taller users and those who need to move around more often.  

  • An inbuilt anti-microbial ingredient protects this mat from microbial deterioration.

  • Bevelled edge and anti-slip base which are ADA trip hazard compliant.

  • Comes with 10 year limited warranty.

  • Recyclable.


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