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The unique range of AFS-TEX Ergonomic Solutions are designed to encourage stand up work and support standing desk users.


Designed using ergonomic principles to increase comfort and enable longer standing times. Standing more - especially at work - helps combat the many health risks associated with too much sitting.

Our expert design team has created active mats to help users make frequent, small movements - also known as NEAT or micro-movements - to reduce fatigue further.

Encouraged by the AFS-TEX mat's unique shape, features and embellishments - movement is spontaneous and subconscious - which means AFS-TEX mats are remarkable at reducing fatigue when standing. 

Key features of AFS-TEX Active Anti Fatigue Mats: 

  • Inbuilt anti-microbial ingredient which won't wash off or wear away and lasts the lifetime of the product - works 24/7 to protect the mat from microbial deterioration

  • Anti-slip base 

  • Made from top-quality materials

  • Non-toxic and phthalate-free

  • Safe for use around children and pets

  • Includes a 10-year limited warranty

Put a smile on your feet with a premium anti-fatigue mat from the AFS-TEX range.


Inspired by research into the dangers of prolonged sitting and the increase in evidence of the benefits of standing, AFS-TEX Active Anti Fatigue Mats are designed and engineered to be the very best anti fatigue mats for: 

- standing desk users

- workshops

- industrial workstations

- reception desks

- trade show stands

- classrooms

From user feedback, we have introduced compact versions of some AFS-TEX mats, these are particularly suitable for small offices and users under 170cm (5'6"). 

The compact version of the System 2000X is also a perfect anti-fatigue mats for children and young people who use a standing desk at home or at school.

All of the AFS-TEX anti-fatigue mats in the range offer superior fatigue relief and are suitable for a wide range of users, we can recommend specific mats from our range for particular tasks or environments:

Choose the 2000, 2000X, or 3000 for factories, workshops and industrial use.

The 2000, 3000 and 3000X are particularly recommended for anti-fatigue in the kitchen and around the home.

For standing desk users, the 4000X5000 and Active Platform are designed with standing desk user comfort in mind. 


For adjustable sit-stand desks, choose the 5000 S2S anti fatigue mat and  chair mat combination - these will be more comfortable when sitting and standing and will protect flooring from scuffs, dirt and damage. 

To find the best anti-fatigue mat for your own work environment, please contact us at or call +44 (0) 1684 853 030 - our customer service team would be delighted to advise you. 


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