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Ergonomically designed to fight fatigue through movement. 

This padded mat has it all - it looks amazing, provides incredible anti-fatigue performance and gives unlimited foot massages! 

AFS-TEX Active Platfom - Anti Fatigue Mat With Balls
  • The ultimate active anti fatigue mat for active workplaces.

  • Padded and supportive mat, for comfort.

  • Ergonomically designed to fight fatigue through movement.

  • Increases NEAT movement which can increase metabolic rate

  • Additional movement of feet and legs provides superior fatigue relief.

  • Features deep contours which combine with a unique curved groove in which massage roller balls can be used to move your legs and massage the soles of your feet.

  • Two massage roller balls included.

  • Soft, woven cover for comfort and warmth.

  • Anti microbial ingredient to protect the mat from microbial deterioration.

  • Incredibly comfortable when working without shoes.

  • Sleek, modern look with incredible anti-fatigue properties and features. 

Details of AFS-TEX Active Platform Anti Fatigue Mat
Product view of AFS-TEX Active Platform Anti Fatigue Mat
Close Up View Of AFS-TEX Active Platform Massage Roller Balls


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