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AFS-TEX Active Balance Disc significantly reduces the negative effects of sedentary working. Stimulates gentle and controlled movement to strengthen the core while sitting. 


Ideal for improving balance, co-ordination and core strength through improved sitting posture and constant micro-movements.  This ergonomic seating base relieves pressure on the back and spine.

Improves energy levels for an active lifestyle.  Reduces physical instability, fatigue and pain caused through prolonged sitting.  Promotes tone and lean muscles that can aid weight loss.


Contains an active Anti-Microbial additive to protect from microbial deterioration.  The built-in active ingredient will not wash off or wear away and so is effective 24 / 7 for the life of the product.

Alternative sitting surface options - choose between the raised massage surface for increased stimulation or the smooth surface if preferred.  Supplied ready inflated to the optimum level for maximum effectiveness.


Key Features


  • Also ideal for use in balance focused exercises to stimulate and strengthen multiple muscle groups.
  • 440 lbs/200 Kg weight capacity. 
  • Supplied inflated to the optimum level for instant use.
  • Complete with 15cm/6" pump and adapter.
  • Product size: 35cm/13" diameter.
  • Midnight Black.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Active Balance Disc

  • Product Spec

    Size: 35cm/13" diameter

    Material: Anti-Microbial Vinyl

    Colour: Midnight Black 

    Special Features: Anti-microbial ingredient

  • Reseller Information

    If you are interested in stocking AFS-TEX products, please contact our sales team directly at


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