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The ultimate active anti fatigue mat for active workplaces.


Ergonomically designed to fight fatigue through movement. The padded and supportive mat has deep contours which combine with a unique curved groove in which massage roller balls (included) can be used to move your legs and massage the soles of your feet.


This mat has it all - it looks amazing, provides incredible anti-fatigue relief and gives unlimited foot massages! 

Active Platform

  • Product Spec


    51cm x 81cm (20" x 32")


    Polyurethane with a polyester cover.  Polyurethane massage roller balls 


    Black mat | one black and one turquoise massage roller ball.

    Special Features:

    Fine, soft polyester cover | Anti-microbial | Deep groves for standing massage | Two roller balls included for massage | Encourages activity for the best fatigue relief

  • Reseller Information

    If you are interested in stocking AFS-TEX products, please contact our sales team directly at


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