AFS-TEX System 5000 Anti-fatigue mat has been designed specifically for use with standing desks.


This ergonomically designed mat relieves strain caused by prolonged standing while working at a desk and is the perfect anti-fatigue mat for the office or home office. 


Its design featured include: 

  • Massage pods - these act as visual and tactile triggers, designed to encourage movement and massage the soles of feet if working without shoes. 
  • Graduated raised surround  - the raised sides of this anti-fatigue mat help to encourage exercise of the ankle and legs and is ADA compliant.
  • Anti-slip base - adds stability in use, also has an 'easy slide' profile so that this anti-fatigue mat can be easily repositioned without any lifting.
  • 'Ergo-Bar' - used to massage the soles of the feet and also helps to encourage movement and body position changes during standing desk work. This feature also provides a useful push/pull point for moving the mat's position so that this anti-fatigue office mat can be stored under the desk.
  • Central anti-fatigue platform - acts as a visual and physical trigger to encourage regular movement when at a standing desk.
  • Anti-microbial ingredient - protects the mat from microbial deterioration and works 24/7. This is the best anti-fatigue mat for using barefoot or without shoes and is particularly suited to home offices.

System 5000

  • Product Spec

    Size: 66cm x 90cm

    Material: Polyurethane

    Colour: Black

    Special Features:
    Massage pods | 'ergo-bar' | anti-slip base | anti-microbial | entral anti-fatigue platform | graduated raised surround 

  • Reseller Information

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