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Deluxe anti-fatigue mat to provide optimum support and comfort.


Ergonomic debossed  surface features provide foot massage and promoted movement for extra fatigue relief.


An anti-slip base and contoured, curl-proof edging ensures stability.


The soft polyester cover is comfortable and warm underfoot and is complete with an inbuilt anti-microbial ingredient to protect the mat from microbial deterioration.


Designed for comfort on larger areas to relieve the strain of prolonged standing.



System 3000X

  • Product Spec

    Size: 50cm x 100cm (20" x 39")

    Material: Polyurethane with a polyester cover

    Colour: Black

    Special Features:

    Fine, soft polyester cover | Anti-microbial ingredient | Larger Surface Area | Anti slip base | Contoured corners | Bevelled edges | Debossed massage features.


  • Reseller Information

    If you are interested in stocking AFS-TEX products, please contact our sales team directly at


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