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Quick Guide to the System 2000

The AFS-TEX System 2000 is our entry level Anti-Fatigue mat.

Designed with visual cues to act as reminders to keep you moving your feet and produced using premium polyurethane which has an in-build anti-microbial ingredient.

This is a perfect anti-fatigue mat for working in bare feet, as the anti-microbial ingredient will protect the mat's surface from microbial deterioration. It has a soft, cushioned surface which is comfortable for your feet, yet is supportive and more comfortable on the ankles, knees, hips and back when compared to standing on a hard floor.

Suggested uses: - Home office

- At your standing desk

- Behind reception counters

- In factory workstations

- In your workshop

- In your shed or garage

- In the kitchen or worktop counters

AFS-TEX System 2000 Anti-Fatigue Mat is now available to buy direct - visit our shop pages to view this and the full range.

If you fancy an upgrade - try the AFS-TEX System 3000

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