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Stop Press! New articles on the benefits of standing at work...

The benefits of using a standing desk – to employee health and long-term finances of employers – has been highlighted in the press this week following a study of 231 desk-based workers in the Australian state of Victoria, with findings published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health.

The study concluded that the use of standing desks over the lifetime of the cohort of workers, had a ‘100% chance of being cost-effective’. It also recommends that the introduction of standing desks to reduce sitting at work “should be considered within any strategies designed to promote the health of the nation’s workforce”.

For more information, read the original study article from the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health:

As with many articles and studies of this kind, and indeed in their public comments section, there is always feedback that new users of standing desks often suffer discomfort with aching backs, swollen knees tired legs etc. It was noted that there was an added cost of AU$35 per head during the study for "adverse events attributable to the intervention, mainly for seeking medical treatment from physiotherapists, general practitioners, massage therapists, and osteopaths".

AFS-TEX Mat detail

By using an AFS-TEX active anti-fatigue mat, these problems could have been reduced, if not diminished. Using an AFS-TEX mat with your standing desk eliminates much of the tiredness, aches and pains associated with standing for long periods - and AFS-TEX mats, particularly the standing desk specific mats 4000X and 5000) have the added benefit of not allowing you to be totally sedentary even when standing.

Active standing to increase comfort and fight fatigue is best achieved by using an AFS-TEX Anti Fatigue Mat with your standing desk! Choose your office active anti fatigue mat and buy online today.

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